Creating and Sharing Notes  - 02 Feb, 2015


We have added a powerful features for Creating Notes.

Notes can be attaching to Topics and can also be shared with selected contacts. This allows for easy working in a Group. Join the thousands on people creating, storing and sharing their notes everyday on dschool.co.....

Admission Questions for Schools/Colleges are now displayed to Teachers of the School/College  - 29th May, 2014

Admission queries is one of the most asked for by aspiring students and parents. These queries are now visible to the Teachers of the respective Schools/Colleges and they can reply to them if they feel relevant.

Ths feature should add huge value to the students, parents and the teachers.


Introducing Liking of News Items in Groups - 6th May, 2014

You can now like news items in Groups. This allows you to let you friends know about it, and also to store it in you likes to be easily accessible.



Paste URLs from any Web Page, Youtube and Slideshare - 5th March, 2014

We believe the true value in having rich content summary in your News Feed. So we have made it easy for users to just past an educational URL that they liked on the Web.

Youtube videos get displayed in the News Feed itself, Slideshare slides get displayed in the News Feed and useful summary like title, description and image from the Web page is displayed in your feed. You can click in its link and easily visit the page of your interest.

We have till now recieved good reviews for it in terms of its usefullness. And we welcome all of you to use and find value in it.