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machine learning - Why Is Overfitting Bad? - Data Science Stack Exchange

Why Is Overfitting Bad? : Logic often states that by overfitting a model, it's capacity to generalize is limited, though this might only mean that overfitting stops a model from improving after a certain complexity. Does overfitting cause models to become worse regardless of the complexity of data, and if so, why?
Machine Learning From Streaming Data: Two Problems, Two Solutions, Two Concerns, and Two Lessons | The Official Blog of BigML.com

There?s a lot of hype these days around predictive analytics, and maybe even more hype around the topics of ?real-time predictive analytics? or ?predictive analytics on streaming data?.  Like most things that are over-hyped, what is actually meant by the term is often lost in the noise.  In this case that?s really a shame, because?
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