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Jayant Shekhar Using photos to find brands people like : http://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-multinational-corporations-are-looking-through-your-instagram-photos-190633557.html
Instagram and Facebook users, beware! Companies are scanning your photos - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: Advertisers have access to what you do online ?targeted ads come from your emails, web searches, and the websites you visit. But your photos have been largely off limits?until now. A company called Ditto is now scanning photos posted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for branded products and selling that information to companies and advertisers.
Yahoo Finance

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What Is Online Display Advertising
Online Display Advertising is simply placing your display ad (the kind you might run in a magazine or on a billboard) in front of your TARGET audience, onlin...

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John Fearon : Display Advertising
John brings his experience in AsiaRooms.com managing $15 million in paid search to the table, as he nails the various ways to present banner advertising. Fro.

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Google Display Network and Display Advertising Tips
The Google display network is a great way to reach up to 92% of all internet users and its thanks to this monumental reach that its a platform that is impo...

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