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Lucene / Solr 4 Spatial Deep Dive
Presentation slides available here: http://www.lucenerevolution.org/?q=2013/Lucene-Solr-Revolution-2013-PresentationsPresented by David Smiley, Software Systems Engineer, Lead, MITRELucenes former spatial contrib is gone and in its place is an entirely new spatial module developed by several well-known names in the Lucene/Solr spatial community. The heart of this module is an approach in which spatial geometries are indexed using edge-ngram tokenized geohashes searched with a prefix-tree/trie recursive algorithm. It sounds cool and it is! In this presentation, youll see how it works, why its fast, and what new things you can do with it. Key features are support for multi-valued fields, and indexing shapes with area -- even polygons, and support for various spatial predicates like Within. Youll see a live demonstration and a visual representation of geohash indexed shapes. Finally, the session will conclude with a look at the future direction of the module.
Spatial Search - Apache Solr Reference Guide - Apache Software Foundation

Apache Solr Reference Guide Apache Solr Reference Guide Searching Spatial Search

Lucene solr 4 spatial extended deep dive
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