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Parameterizing Hive Actions in Oozie Workflows | Just a simple Hadoop DBA

Very common request I get from my customers is to parameterize the query executed by a Hive action in their Oozie workflow. For example, the dates used in the query depend on a result of a previous action. Or maybe they depend on something completely external to the system - the operator just decides to?
Using Oozie in Kerberized Cluster | Just a simple Hadoop DBA

In general, most Hadoop ecosystem tools work rather transparently in a kerberized cluster. Most of the time things "just work". This includes Oozie. Still, when things don't "just work", they tend to fail with slightly alarming and highly ambiguous error messages. Here are few tips for using Oozie when your Hadoop cluster is kerberized. Note?
Quick Tip on Using Sqoop Action in Oozie | Just a simple Hadoop DBA

Another Oozie tip blog post. If you try to use Sqoop action in Oozie, you know you can use the "command" format, with the entire Sqoop configuration in a single line: This is convenient, but can be difficult to read and maintain. I prefer using the "arg" syntax, with each argument in its own line:?
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